About Us

It’s more than just a race - it’s a VICTORY.

Welcome to Victory Co.

My running journey has been one of a transformation. I’ve been consistently running now for over 8 years. I have completed almost every distance, even 3 World Majors in 3 weeks. But to me, running has changed my life, which I assume you reading this right now will also relate to. 

Running has built grit, resilience, and has given me an outlet to stress. Races have provided me something to be really proud of, even in my worst race experiences. But regardless, the finish line is that keep moment that unifies all of us - you can’t take that finish line feeling away regardless of how you go through it. You can’t describe it - it’s by experience only. No matter if you nailed the PR or barely made it through that finish line, you achieved a VICTORY.

I created Victory Co. to allow all of you to bottle that feeling and bring what you’re most proud of with you, EVERYWHERE. Be proud. Show it off. Or keep it to yourself. Now when you hang that medal, you can keep one close to you - designed to meet any attire.

Keep the victories coming!


Amy Mangueira



We created Victory for any runner wanting to have an elegant way to display their hard earned medals. Each medal and moment is 925 Sterling Silver and made to last. We created each medal and moment to be light so that your bracelet doesn’t become heavy and hard to manage. 

Our medals: Our charms are designed to act as replicas of your earned medal. The front is shiny with a bevel to showcase your victory. The back is a matte finish to include additional engraving if desired.

When you create your first Victory bracelet, we will attach whatever medals and moments that you purchase at that time.

Our moments: Each moment has been custom designed to be unique to the unique moments you experienced running your race. You’ll find these to be detailed, yet light and airy so that you can remember your victory with a little more charm (no pun intended).


Soldering is always the most secure way to keep these charms safe and intact. When you come back to the site to purchase additional medals & moments, those will require a cheap trip to your local jeweler. Soldering cost typically runs from $8 to $15.